Monday, May 6, 2013

you're getting used to the rocks at the bottom

+ What's on: Let it Hurt, by Rascal Flatts

- I'm sorry, lovies; I don't have new news on book 2. As soon as I do you'll be the first to know. I promise I'm working on it! Trying my best with book 3, too, but book 3 is kicking me in the teeth at every available opportunity. There's an entire chunk I'm ripping out that'll affect everything from the middle onward. I also seriously want to rearrange part of the timeline because it'll make more sense if it's flipped, but unless I handle it right I'll wreck my fragile relationship.

- Regarding the aforementioned relationship---yes, the trilogy is supposed to have one, and it will, it's just the slowest thing in the entire world. You might've noticed while reading book 1 that Neil has a couple trust issues. Those are kind of bogging everything down and frustrating the ever-living hell out of me. If I could just throw these two at each other I swear I would.

- In between the hair-pulling and story-wrecking I'm working on the back-stories. There are a couple I never got around to writing and a couple I have to rewrite from scratch on account of the changed relationships and such, but. Some will be up before book 2 is released, others will have to wait until after. Half of them are the meet-and-greets: Kevin meeting the twins, Andrew meeting Coach, etc. Eventually I want to edit Renee & Andrew's story. It's Renee's POV of the cousins' freshman year and last I checked it was some 25,000 words long. That's definitely going to have to wait.

Some real-life nonsense:
a. Still working at the call center, but at the start of the month our project switched from paying us per call to paying us per minute of what they call production time--that is, time we're actually on the phone. Since we're inbound only and can't control the call volume, no one on the project is happy. I suppose the real riots will start when we see our first paychecks. Should be interesting.

b. Went to Universal Studios Orlando to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Absolutely amazing. Not looking forward to getting that credit card bill though.

c. Picked up Star Wars: The Old Republic because my sister is into it. Gives us something to do together besides rant about our respective uncooperative stories. Nothing says stress relief like force-choking one's enemies.

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