Monday, September 22, 2014

son nefes 2

+ What's on: A Better Son/Daughter, by Rilo Kiley

From here on out the timeline gets a bit shaky.. I'm trying my hardest to line the rewrite up with the newest draft, but there are likely going to still be inconsistencies (and typos). Also, since I have no experience with what happens in this part, there is a good chance I've botched it and a better chance it's offensive in its inaccuracy? I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Timeline: One year before the events of The Foxhole Court. Part one was here.

Friday, September 19, 2014

son nefes 1

+ What's on: Son Nefes, by Alihan Samedov

SON NEFES was a story written for fun, a take on the cousins' first year from Renee's POV. The original version was written back in 2009 when the story had some significant plot differences. I thought I could just tweak lines here and there to make the story work with the current timeline. Instead this is a quasi-rewrite. It took 5300 words to keep 2800, and this is just the first scene.

The entire thing will likely read a bit disjointed, as Son Nefes was intended to be a collection of scenes instead of an actual Beginning-Middle-End story. I guess we'll find out the hard way? Will try to post the rest of it at regular intervals. Apologies in advance for all the typos and profanity.

Timeline: One year before the events of The Foxhole Court.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

everyone is king when there's no one left to pawn

+ What's on: Beat the Devil's Tattoo, by BRMC

A couple scattered notes:

Love all the theories and conversations in the comments, was reading them at work Friday and my coworkers kept asking me if I was okay. Not a lot of reasons for any of us to smile at that job, so they weren't really sure what to make of my good mood! You guys are amazing.

Speaking of the job, I had a way out and chose not to take it. Misguided obligation, partly. Bad timing mostly. Good things come to those who wait and wait. Will keep my eyes open and keep pressing on.

Reached out to the last beta this weekend (last week? time is funny). I knew when I handed the story out that my betas were going through some crazy times themselves, so I wasn't expecting a quick turnaround from any of them. I'll let you know as soon as I hear back! They're worth their weight in gold, so thanks for waiting with me. ♥

Three months later I almost feel like writing again. Still a lot of dead-ends on most of my other projects (my three choices are all rewrites--I don't think I'm ever getting out of revision hell!), but I'd like to at least get back into the swing of things by editing Andrew & Renee's story. It's so long it'd probably have to get posted in pieces, but it could be fun. I'll have part of it done by Wednesday,** promise. Finally got the external harddrive working.

There was more, but I forgot it. Spent this weekend out of town helping the younger sis move for grad school, so I'm a little braindead right now.

**eta: Thursday. Was editing first part, then realized there's a continuity error in the story due to the rewrites between that story and this draft of the series. Couldn't remember where in the books the change happened so spent three hours scouring books 1 & 2 looking for that one line and then got caught up trying to add more kiss scenes to book 3. Blame the Yuengling. On the bright side, I found the line, so we're on track again. fml.