Wednesday, November 26, 2014


+ What's on: Fix Me, by 10 Years

April 21, Taurus

It's taken a lifetime to lose my way
A lifetime of yesterdays
All the wasted time on my hands turns to sand
And fades in the wind

Crossing lines, small crimes
Taking back what is mine

I'm fine in the fire
I feed on the friction
I'm right where I should be
Don't try and fix me


+ What's on: Love Runs Out, by OneRepublic

July 16, Cancer

Monday, November 24, 2014


+ What's on: Love Me Again, by John Newman

We're 8 days out from King's Men, 8 days away from me maybe getting some closure and getting my life back-- ha! Got confirmation from my boss that I'm off on December 2, so I'll be home to make sure the file uploads properly on Amazon & Smashwords. Jessi Qn, I don't think I can set it up for pre-order since I won't have the file formatted and ready until it's go time.

[[[Quasi-related: if anyone gets the book off Amazon (or does any shopping on Amazon) consider trying to get it from Amazon!Smile? -- it's the same huge, awesome site, but Amazon donates a tiny percentage of your purchase to a charity of your choice.]]]

For the next 8 days I'm attempting a little countdown of sorts, each day associated with the player who bears that number. Some of it will be background information, other days might have scraps of old scenes or whatnot. TBH it'll depend on what makes the most sense for the player in question when I sit down. Also it seems I've lost some of the files containing some of the players' basic stats, such as birthdays, so I guess I get to make up new ones. D:

We skipped 10 because Neil's story is a work in progress, and skipped 9 because Renee's story is built into SON NEFES and Dan's groundwork. SON NEFES, by the way, will be finished before King's Men comes out. There are two parts left, and they'll be kind of long and last-minute in our countdown, but those are the most appropriate dates on which to put them.

If I can stay on schedule (for once!), here is what we've got for the next week:

Nov 24 -- Nicky
Nov 25 -- Allison
Nov 26 -- Seth
Nov 27 -- Aaron
Nov 28 -- Matt
Nov 29 -- Andrew (via Son Nefes)
Nov 30 -- Kevin (via Son Nefes)
Dec 1 -- Dan
Dec 2 -- The King's Men

Fingers crossed----let's get this thing started.

May 23, Gemini

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Friday, October 17, 2014

son nefes 3

+ What's on: Shut Me Up, by Mindless Self Indulgence

Throwing this up here on my way out the door (running late, whoops) so sorry if I messed up any of the spacing! I tried glancing it over but I might've missed a spot or two.

Timeline: One year before the events of The Foxhole Court. Part one was here. Part two was here.

Monday, September 22, 2014

son nefes 2

+ What's on: A Better Son/Daughter, by Rilo Kiley

From here on out the timeline gets a bit shaky.. I'm trying my hardest to line the rewrite up with the newest draft, but there are likely going to still be inconsistencies (and typos). Also, since I have no experience with what happens in this part, there is a good chance I've botched it and a better chance it's offensive in its inaccuracy? I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Timeline: One year before the events of The Foxhole Court. Part one was here.

Friday, September 19, 2014

son nefes 1

+ What's on: Son Nefes, by Alihan Samedov

SON NEFES was a story written for fun, a take on the cousins' first year from Renee's POV. The original version was written back in 2009 when the story had some significant plot differences. I thought I could just tweak lines here and there to make the story work with the current timeline. Instead this is a quasi-rewrite. It took 5300 words to keep 2800, and this is just the first scene.

The entire thing will likely read a bit disjointed, as Son Nefes was intended to be a collection of scenes instead of an actual Beginning-Middle-End story. I guess we'll find out the hard way? Will try to post the rest of it at regular intervals. Apologies in advance for all the typos and profanity.

Timeline: One year before the events of The Foxhole Court.