Wednesday, June 26, 2013

07 10 2013

Just a quick note on my way out the door for work: looks like I'll have Raven King all together and ready to go on Wednesday, July 10. Still got some last-minute things to do with it but almost everything else is in place. I requested that day off from work, too, so I can deal with formatting and last-minute issues as they arise. Man, I hope you guys like it. It's definitely.. busier? than Foxhole was, I think.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I ain't got no car, and I got one pair of jeans

+ What's on: Sweet Serendipity, by Lee DeWyze

I missed the book's 5-month anniversary! Le sad, but on the bright side, Foxhole is still somehow clocking downloads at Smashwords. I don't have words for how much I love all of you. ♥

I finally consolidated the Goodreads accounts - I've been on the site off and on since 2009, but I didn't bother to put Foxhole Court up there when I self-pubbed it. It ended up there anyway, so I finally got up the nerve to "claim" it. Somehow it has the wrong series name, though, so I need to find someone with librarian status to change it. Oops.

Chowing down on book 3. The beginning is of course a mess; that first chapter has too many important conversations in too short a time. Unavoidable without dragging everything down, but difficult to control. Now that it's done the rest should be easier.

Speaking of beginnings, I need to go back and edit the first few chapters of Raven. I knew they were boring when I handed the book off to my betas but I think I was hoping no one else would notice. ;D Also need to harass my younger sister for the cover's Raven logo.

I need to recheck the formatting on book 1, too, since I've been asked to get All for the Game onto Amazon as well as smashwords. Not really sure how to do that but I'll figure it out eventually.

In between all of this I realized there's something pretty critical I hadn't tackled yet: the summary/blurb thing that's supposed to go with the story. I spent years and years reworking a query for Foxhole, but because Foxhole never got picked up, I never bothered practicing queries for the other two books. I've texted myself stray sentences I can hopefully put together into a coherent summary but so far it's very very rough.

In short: busy busy busy. Anything new and exciting with you?