Thursday, March 28, 2013

Icarus is flying towards an early grave

+ What's on: Icarus, by Bastille

... I think I'm done with the Exy rules & regulations worksheet, but waiting to hear back from Z on whether or not I've left something major off. Even drew you guys a chart in PSP for how the court looks at starting serve.

 ... Realized I am still misspelling Edgar Allan's name. My brain is convinced it is "Allen" not "Allan" - which means even The Foxhole Court went out there with it misspelled. Le sigh. Have uploaded a corrected version. One day I'll get this right, I swear.

 ... Talked to the younger sister about designing the Ravens' logo for the book 2 cover. She doesn't have the vector software she used for the paw, but she thinks she knows a way around that.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Exy : A History of the Sport

+ What's on: Was it a Dream? by 30 Seconds to Mars

It's questionable how believable this is, but hey. Umm. Liberties of writing fiction? I don't know. Also, it got longer than I intended it to be. Oops. I'm still working on a post about how the game is actually played - the last time I wrote out the rules was years and years ago, and I think it was on paper.

Tetsuji Moriyama and Kayleigh Day met while studying sports management abroad at Fukui University (from University of Connecticut and University College in Dublin, respectively). Exy began as a lark: first an idea, then a class project wherein they recruited classmates and friends to be guinea pigs, and then spreading to after-school teams when they interested enough people.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

underneath the cuts and bruises finally gained what no one loses

+ What's on: I'm Not Dead, by P!nk

Just finished the Raven King rewrites. Finally.

This week I'll reread it and edit it where I can, but hopefully I can have it out to the betas by the weekend.

I don't even want to think about All the King's Men yet.

Oh man.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

who are you, really, and where are you going?

+ What's on: Who Are You, Really?, by Mikky Ekko

Since it's been two months since I put Foxhole Court out, I guess it's time for a status update? I'm hard at work on Raven King, but Raven King is---difficult. I've always had more trouble with it than either of the other two books. When I say I've spent the last two months working on the same two chapters, I'm not exaggerating. I have written, rewritten, and rearranged these few scenes so many times I feel I could recite them all from heart.

I'll be honest and say sometimes it's so frustrating I have to walk away from the project, but I at least try to stay within the Foxes' universe when I do. I've made notes for the major changes book 3 needs and I've toyed with the back stories & side ficlets. Of course, I'm just as likely to be found screwing around with the Foxes' playlist, which is infinitely less productive but at least twice as fun.

Anyway, this week I finally broke free of those two chapters. I've got one last related scene to wrap up and hopefully it's all downhill from there. I think there're only three chapters left, and those ones are going to be fun.

But have I mentioned yet how aggravating it is getting this couple together? They work so much better this way, seriously, and I don't regret reshaping the books' relationships, but that third person was the instigator and driving force. Without him there to get things moving, it's just like oh my god you impossible assholes one chapter after another.

Slowest. Relationship. Ever. Le sigh.

Anyway, back to work, I guess.

Friday, March 15, 2013

here's a quarter buy yourself a grave

+ What's on: セツナレンサ, by Radwimps

I wanted to write about Japan today, because it's been on my mind a lot the past few months (the past few months, technically, but now and then I hit my stride and don't notice its absence as much). I wrote four different posts, then deleted all of them, and decided posting pictures would probably be more cathartic. But as I was going through my photo albums (the "Japan" folder on my hard drive is nearly 5 GB) I started to despair. I couldn't find the right photo - or photos, plural - to sum up that hollow ache.

Then I found this one.

At first glance this picture is nothing special. It's just a fuzzy too-close picture of alcohol taken with a phone camera. It's one of probably fifty pictures of alcohol I have on my system (not exaggerating; I bought us so much alcohol in San Francisco KM and I had to name our alcohol cabinets).

But I bought this shot in Hiroshima. I can't remember how it tasted, but I remember that day: the complicated feelings my trip through the museum created, how vibrant the city looked despite the ghost in its midst, the two Japanese ladies who laughed at the thought I might understand Japanese beyond "sushi" and "Fuji", the boy at the Ota River who played his guitar and sang at the top of his lungs like he didn't care who heard and knew he'd never grow old--

--and that one memory is vivid enough it all comes back: the winding road between my apartment and Chukyo University, the first time I understood the biting frustration of culture shock, the sing-song voice on the train lines announcing the next stop, the house in Musashino with its sliding doors, nikuman and anpan and taiyaki, the time I crashed my bike so hard near a train station exit I lost both of my shoes (and entertained the rush-hour crowd, I'm sure), the train crossing in Sendagaya and the absolute serenity of the Silver Pavilion in Kyoto--

--and I am as comforted as I am sad.

So really, this picture sums it up for me better than a thousand could.