Tuesday, July 12, 2011

even a blueprint is a gift and a curse

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Dudes, I'm not so good at this blogging thing. Twitter's more my style, I guess, since I can fire off random things throughout the day that have no substance whatsoever.

Real-life update:
- Quit the laundromat. (YES) Haven't quit the cafe yet. (Noooo) Now work part-time at a kitchen in a bar a couple nights a week (Yes!)
 - I am also attempting to do p90x. IT HURTS US

On a writing front, things aren't going anywhere fast, but hey, that's life in the publishing industry, right? I'm running out of ideas on who to query with my urban fantasy. Most of my energy these days goes to a new project, a YA urban fantasy set in San Francisco. The story has potential, I think, but it's fighting me every single step of the way. This is a good thing, I think, since it hopefully means less serious issues when I'm revising.

Also, last time I posted (in January!), I said I was trying to overhaul a project. I killed that idea. Here's the thing: I have a love-hate relationship with all my stories, but there's one that means the absolute world to me. Unfortunately it's also the one with the least chance of success. This January I thought I'd do anything to better the odds. I stole the characters from that book and put them in a new one.


I made it only three or four chapters in and then I couldn't stand it anymore. It absolutely broke my heart. If the story ever succeeded and I got The Call from an agent, I think I'd bawl my eyes out knowing I killed a story's soul for the sake of getting published. I'd rather trunk the entire thing as-is than do that. So I put my story back together again piece by piece.

Common sense says to give up on the book, to put it online for friends and anyone to read, to be happy that anyone's reading it at all. But I can't, not yet. If I don't believe in this story, who will?

Anyway, I'm off to finish laundry and get some sleep. 3AM comes way too fast.