Monday, August 3, 2015

you say I would make a better liar

+ What's on: Ever After, by Marianas Trench

Hello, lovies.

I'm sorry about the long silence here--sorrier about the emails people have sent me that I either responded to super late or missed entirely. After King's Men came out and I posted the aftermath notes up here, I pretty much retreated into a shell to face Fox withdrawal. I knew letting go of the Foxes wouldn't be easy--it was one of the fears that held me back when King's Men was taking forever to get through revisions--but I didn't expect it to be so hard. I think I spent three months lying on my bedroom floor staring at the ceiling and swearing I would never write again no matter what. Drama queen, I know.

Last month everything went sideways, and in the midst of everything that went wrong I finally sat down and started writing again. Well, rewriting. It's slow going for the most part. The Foxhole Court was such an old, old story that my newer projects feel dull and shallow in comparison. Unfortunately I'm still not ready enough as a writer to revisit the remaining three relics, so I'm left trying to not hate the new stories simply for being new.

I'm also doing what I said I wouldn't and I'm looking into letting Amazon release print versions of the Fox books. I'm still not 100% comfortable with it, because print-on-demand opportunities mean the markup is pretty severe, but I've had just enough people ask about it that I'm letting go of the argument. Once I get all that straightened out I'll probably drop a line here.

How is everyone doing? What's new with you all?

Things are starting to get dangerous around here, she said. Do you think it would be easier for you and Kevin if I took Neil from you?

He waved that aside. Oh, Renee, no, no. I wouldn't wish him on anyone but a mortician. He stays with me.

She slid him a sideways look, debating, but Andrew didn't notice. He might have been checking to make sure Kevin was still in his line of sight, but these days it was hard to tell which one of the strikers he was looking at. Idly she wondered how long it would take Kevin to catch on. He wasn't used to sharing the spotlight in Andrew's tiny world.

Til death do we part, hm?

She thinks she is clever,
Andrew said--and it wasn't a yes, but it wasn't a no, so Renee only smiled and let it drop.


Anonymous said...

Always good to hear from you. :)

SarSar said...

Its wonderful to see you posting!!! i bet everybody here would agree that we miss ur voice :)

SarSar said...
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Marina Elena said...

So happy to hear from you and even happier to read that you're considering writing another project. I know I'll love it whatever it is. ;o)

Life's been crazy, I got a new job, but I still check back here every few days so I won't miss any news.

BTW I would be thrilled to have the Fox trilogy in my bookshelf!

KoryoEimi said...

If you're not doing anything with Mono, i will officially disown you.

That said, having recently reestablished contact with you (after losing you for many of the same reasons you listed - i couldn't bear real life, much less socializing) i finally bought the "official" trilogy.

I have class and work from 8 until 6 and i literally did not sleep last night because i couldn't bear to stop reading.

I'm sure I've said this to you before, but... you awe me. You're such an inspiration, even after all these years. As hard as it was for me to let go of the trilogy, i can only imagine what it was like for you.

And... Thank you for my name in your credits. I actually teared up when i saw it; i never expected such an honor.

#3 out~

Tabbygray said...

So so good you're posting again. Glad you're feeling a bit better. Looking forward to anything you write, and put me on the list for the paperbacks if you decide to go ahead.
As a matter of interest, why were you against releasing in print, if it's ok to ask?

Ran said...

I'll totally buy them three books. I sooo love the series it still hurts knowing there's no more book to devour. But alas, a pback really sounds lovely.

miss kirkwood said...

You read my mind. I was thinking that if I could have any Christmas gift it would be paper editions of my favourite books �� ��

Jessi Qn said...

I would also buy the print version of the books!!

I would love to read more of the foxhole series if you ever plan on expanding/rewriting it. I love Andrew and Neil's dysfunctional relationship and love to read about them lol XD

I look forward to any new novels you write and hope you don't lose inspiration.

Best wishes :D

Misteline said...

I would definitely love print versions of the books!

Alondra Rowel said...

I hope to see that you decide to write a book 4!

Lucie MacAulay said...

Are there any extras that are about Neil and Andrew? Or Andrew? Or things from Andrew's point of view? I think I've seen quotations like that floating around but I'm not sure.

nora said...

Lucie : There's an oddball pile of extra content, just not really here on blogger. It's over on Tumblr for now, at

xXxHinataUchihaxXx said...

Oh my gosh I'm so happy you let them be printed. They're quickly turning into my favorite books and I would have been so sad to not have them on my bookshelf. It would have just seemed...empty, without them.

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KoryoEimi said...

You are a damn difficult woman to get into contact with, you realize this? I restarted my obsession with these stories, and I dreadfully miss talking to you about them. I also (belatedly?) realized how much of an influence on me you've been XD

Dunno if I ever actually got these words out to you, or if you noticed, but I sometimes have a hard time differentiating my friendship with you from flat-out hero worship. My words come across as awkward in my own ears because I love and respect you /so/ /damn/ /much/ as an author and mentor that I can't quite believe we're friends as well (or at the very least, I consider you a friend, and you tolerate me, so I can't ask for much more.)

Also, reading your old posts about how well AftG is doing is amusing, because I'm quite sure you're about 10,000x more popular than you were when you made them, so excited about triple-digits. And I know you, or someone posing as you, is still alive, because you turn up in LN sometimes. Good to see you again, if you ever find any of my messages for you.