Monday, November 24, 2014


+ What's on: Love Me Again, by John Newman

We're 8 days out from King's Men, 8 days away from me maybe getting some closure and getting my life back-- ha! Got confirmation from my boss that I'm off on December 2, so I'll be home to make sure the file uploads properly on Amazon & Smashwords. Jessi Qn, I don't think I can set it up for pre-order since I won't have the file formatted and ready until it's go time.

[[[Quasi-related: if anyone gets the book off Amazon (or does any shopping on Amazon) consider trying to get it from Amazon!Smile? -- it's the same huge, awesome site, but Amazon donates a tiny percentage of your purchase to a charity of your choice.]]]

For the next 8 days I'm attempting a little countdown of sorts, each day associated with the player who bears that number. Some of it will be background information, other days might have scraps of old scenes or whatnot. TBH it'll depend on what makes the most sense for the player in question when I sit down. Also it seems I've lost some of the files containing some of the players' basic stats, such as birthdays, so I guess I get to make up new ones. D:

We skipped 10 because Neil's story is a work in progress, and skipped 9 because Renee's story is built into SON NEFES and Dan's groundwork. SON NEFES, by the way, will be finished before King's Men comes out. There are two parts left, and they'll be kind of long and last-minute in our countdown, but those are the most appropriate dates on which to put them.

If I can stay on schedule (for once!), here is what we've got for the next week:

Nov 24 -- Nicky
Nov 25 -- Allison
Nov 26 -- Seth
Nov 27 -- Aaron
Nov 28 -- Matt
Nov 29 -- Andrew (via Son Nefes)
Nov 30 -- Kevin (via Son Nefes)
Dec 1 -- Dan
Dec 2 -- The King's Men

Fingers crossed----let's get this thing started.

May 23, Gemini


Nicholas Esteban Hemmick is the only son of Luther (a Baptist minister) & Maria Hemmick (a make-up consultant at Macy's). His parents met while Luther was doing volunteer work in Ensenada, Mexico. Nicky was born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina.

Maria taught Nicky some Spanish once he started middle school, but Nicky switched to German his freshman year at Macon High. He was slowly coming to terms with his sexuality, and he needed a safe way to express his confusion and fear. He started keeping his diaries in (broken, misspelled, half-unintelligible) German and passed the pages off as a school project whenever his parents asked.

Nicky spent his senior year of high school on a study abroad program to Stuttgart, Germany, where he met and fell in love with his host brother Erik Klose. Nicky returned to the United States long enough to graduate and tell his parents the truth about Erik and his sexuality. He was on a plane back to Germany the next day.

After Nicky's Aunt Tilda died, Nicky came back to the States to keep an eye on his cousins. Erik gave him the green light when Coach Wymack tried to recruit him for the Foxes, so Nicky signed a contract to Palmetto State University.

Nicky is a sophomore during the trilogy, but his time between high school and college means he is the oldest player on the team at twenty-three years old.


In the first (comic) version, Nicky was not on the team and wasn't even related to the twins. He was the only friend the six-man Exy team had outside of the line-up. He served as a potential suitor for Neil and a point of contention: constantly afraid Neil would forget or shun him the more time he spent with the Foxes.


Nicky joined the team when the comics transitioned to book format. Erik was invented several drafts ago, but until the current draft Erik always died before the books began. In those versions, Erik moved to South Carolina with Nicky to help get the cousins through high school (to work on his English and give him an edge when applying to international law firms).

In the book Nicky says he was attacked outside of Eden's Twilight. Andrew intervened when security called him and almost beat the men to death--laying the groundwork for the deal that put him on his current medication. In the original version, Nicky and Erik were both jumped when some drunk homophones saw them making out. Nicky survived the fight, but Erik died in the hospital. Andrew killed the men over Christmas break and brought Nicky the newspaper clipping as proof.

Nicky wore Erik's ring on a chain the rest of his college career. After graduation he moved to Germany to work at a PR firm and got a position on the summer major league team in Munich. Five years after graduation, he met a business-to-business salesman named Jon at a New Year's party and fell in love once more.


lime-yay said...

Yay!!!! You're the best, Mami!! I am sooooooo excited!! <3<3<3<3<3 This was wonderful, thank you, and I can't wait for more, particularly the book itself!

JesseChase said...

It's like the 12 days of Christmas!! Only with 8 days. At Thanksgiving. Wait, you're not going to deliver the book by coming down our chimneys in the middle of the night, are you? Because, well, that'd be a little creepy. And big red suits scare my cats.

Super excited and THANK YOU for the informational count-down approach!

One small correction though - part of your life IS being a writer. Embrace it, because YOU ROCK at it. :)

Olga Katri said...

I much prefer the current version of him, thank you very much!!!! So excited and can't wait for tomorrow now!!!

Lege Artis said...

This is great idea! I love this!

Bringing newspaper clipping- that's so Andrew. :D

Thank you for sharing. :)