Friday, November 15, 2013

falling into empty space no one there to catch you in their arms

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Short version: King's Men release date has been pushed back from December. It should've gone to the betas in September if I wanted to hit that deadline. It's still sitting on my computer. New goal is January.

Longer version: Hey, lovies. Been a while, yes?

I actually started this post about a month and a half ago, but didn't finish. Tried again twice in October. Thought about deleting everything and just writing a couple lines, like, "Hey, guys, bad news, things aren't going well!" but then I thought "Maybe things will turn around if I just give it a little more time.." and I walked away from blogger again to wait everything out. Obviously that didn't work either.

As you've probably guessed from the silence on this end, edits aren't going well. Has a lot to do with the issues I alluded to in the last post. Things haven't gotten better and I don't expect them to any time soon. Strong chance they're actually going to get worse, but hey, that's what keeps life interesting. Right?

Along the way I let that stress/exhaustion/anger interfere with the things that are most important to me, and I've basically run all of my projects into the ground. My one goal for this weekend (well, aside from cleaning the wreck I've made of the apartment) is to figure out how to salvage them. I'll get back on track one way or another, but I'm sorry I didn't sort it out sooner.

Promise to keep in better touch while I deal with this mess. Thanks for your patience ♥♥


Shiyo said...

Hey, just wanted to say I'm glad you're alive and kickin' :D

It's totally okay if you're feeling kinda stressed out and have to delay the third book, for all my fangirl!desperation I'm just ridiculously excited and grateful that there is one *starry eyes*. I think it's incredible you can juggle work, health, a social life, and massive personal projects like this, especially since I consider AftG *much* better and deeper thought-out than a lot of the books I've read recently from pro writers who get to write and edit and ponder this full-time. Not just in terms of technique and talent etc., but the emotional impression the story and the characters have left on me in such a short span of time (yes I devoured the first two books in one day) - if it's any indication, I've actually caught myself waking up in the middle of the night to worry about Andrew and Neil, haha. :P And I rarely even do that for the TV shows I've followed and fandomed for forever like Supernatural, HP, Sherlock, etc.

So anyways, just wanted to say thanks so much for putting your story in this girl's life. Hope those issues get ironed out and you feel better soon, keep us updated! <3

Judith - I Love YA Fiction said...

All I gotta say is: so excited for book 3! Take as long as you need to make it perfect for you. We're just along for the ride. Just promise it will get a release day and all's good!

Evalangui said...

No worries! Stress is sadly an endless cycle so if you pressure yourself to stop being stress you are bound to make it worse.

So take a break! You wrote two excellent books (that i know of!) at least, nothing to stop you from writing a third. Because you don´t have a publisher you are actually free to publish whenever you please. The story is not set or dependent on current events so delaying won´t influence its impact (well, like, somebody could read the first two and make Exy a reality but you should still have a couple years till they sorted out the practicalities + publicity).

And your readers are definitely going to keep checking to see if book 3 or any snippets are done :)

Jessi Nguyen said...

I'm glad to hear from you, but I'm sorry that you're feeling so down.
No worries on the delay I just wish for you the best! I know you will overcome this in time :D and when you do... Just know that there will be people patiently waiting >w<

Good luck, keep it up, and enjoy your upcoming holiday(s)!!


Goddess Athena said...

So when exactly should we be expecting the book? I am really disappoint to hear that it's been pushed back cause I was so looking forward to it.

gin said...

Hi! Its me again. LOL.

Did you delete a post, btw? I distinctly remember replying to a post which you wrote that book 3 edits was going well.

Anyway, its december now, and uhm, just asking when would book 3 be released? I hope it goes out before 25, kekeke. Thanks a lot! ;-)

gin said...

Oh. Lol, I commented about your last post without reading this one, and that may explained why...haha

Oh, so book 3 is gonna be release in January? Shucks....! I miss your work terribly but then I guess some things in your life keeps kicking your behind and preventing your awesomeness to shine...

Anyway, be it this month or next, Id still wait for your book 3, (will apply enourmous patience while doing it...LOL)

And uh, I hope you can calm down and solve these problems in your life~

Advance merry Xmas, Mary ;-)

Carrie Clay said...

Hi! Just checking in. It's always stressful through the holidays, but I hope you have a Merry Christmas. If we don't hear from you, I hope you have Happy New Year as well. I'll continue waiting as patiently as possible for TKM, however I never have been a patient person, lol. Looking forward to hearing from you!

BD said...
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BD said...

Take your time. I want your work, not that of the Corporate American Schedule. Creativity is like food. Fastfood isn't good food and good food isn't fast food. good creativity isn't a rushed creativity and rushed creativity isn't good creativity.

sorry about the previous post. My Google Nexus doesn't like me this morning.