Wednesday, September 11, 2013

there was just this breath of air between and I couldn't breathe

+ What's on: I Couldn't Breathe, Lennon

I realized it's been a while, so I sat down and wrote a post. I read it over, realized it was way too rambling and personal, and erased it. Attempted a couple relevant bullet points instead, but that was boring. I'll sum it up instead and move on to something more appropriate: life is complicated, I can't wait to move out of North Carolina, and I have a list a mile long of books I want to read but can't until I'm done with edits.

See, that was much easier.

I'm behind on fixing and posting Fox back-stories, which is a little sad, but I don't want to slow the King's Men rewrite to work on them. For the most part, the rewrite is going well. There are just a whole lot of new scenes I wasn't expecting, and that's slowing everything down.

I've already figured out which project to rework next, but I'm trying not to think too much about it. I don't want to get distracted. I'm starting to get excited, though. I'll probably drink myself numb when I have to let go of King's Men and consider the Fox books done, but it'll be nice to leave contemporary fiction behind. All of my other projects are fantasy or urban fantasy/horror. It's gonna be a rough transition at first, I think.

Anyway, consider this my check-in: still alive, still editing, and still--as far as I know--on schedule for December. Love you guys ♥♥♥


Jessi Nguyen said...


I just finished the second book and totally can't wait until December to come(hopefully on, I read your post on the delay on Amazon lol)!!

I'm really happy for the last installment to come but sad at the same time. I will miss the band of misfits but I look forward to you other novels. :D You have become one of my new favorite authors. Your novels are something I can enjoy over and over again.

Anyway, wishing you the best!


marynoel said...

Jessi : Thank you for reading The Raven King! The delay with Amazon was only for the first two books, since I hadn't originally planned on putting Foxhole up on Amazon. King's Men will be up on Smashwords & Amazon the same day. Thank you so much for the kind words! I hope TKM doesn't disappoint. ♥

Lara McKinnon said...

Found Foxhole Court 24hrs ago and just now finished Raven King. My eyes are too tired to browse much through tour posts but is inspire lying hope you make your December deadline-I can't wait to find out what happens next. And by next I don't only mean Neil. I am now curios about everyone. You could have ended Raven King a chapter earlier, and I would have still been hooked. But extending it just a little was brilliant. Earlier and it would just have been about Neil. Now it is about everyone's reaction--including Neil! Well played. Are you sure you didn't slip me some craker dust?

Lara McKinnon said...

Oh goodness my eyes are tired. Just saw all the autocorrects and bad typing. Hope you will forgive and understand.

Groverat said...

I just wanted to let you know that I loved both books, and can't wait for the next one! I have to know how this all turns out! Thank you so much for writing a story about gay men that is not a rerun of every soap from the eighties. "The new Dynasty, now, with more cocaine and prissy bitches!" I saw that in an ad for a story online. That was the teaser. thank you for not adding to the crap pile!

Jeremy K

marynoel said...

Sorry for the late responses, guys! I've gotten really behind on things around here..

Lara McKinnon : Thanks for reading Foxhole & Raven King! I hope book 3 is just as satisfying. I'm not entirely sure anymore I can make the December deadline but I'm trying, I promise.

Jeremy : I'm glad you liked them! Oh wow, that tag line is... um.. eye-catching? Glad the characters don't qualify as prissy bitches. ;)

Carrie Clay said...

I'm glad you checked in, I was getting worried that my new favorite author had disappeared lol. Sorry if you have to push the release date of TKM back. I'll be sad, but will try to wait as patiently as possible :)

JuSi3g said...

I just about finished the King Raven, and now I know I'm gonna spend my time waiting for the next one either dissecting everyone and everything in the books to try guessing what will be what will be what, or forgetting all about it to keep from going insanely demented over the wait. I don't deal well with stuff involving patience^^
Anyway, a big bravo on two super cool books and good luck with what happens next!
The books were soooo not what I expected them to be when I read the synopsis somewhere, and thanks a lot for that (now when I think about it I can't even guess at why that stupid resume appealed to me at all in the first place, but the actual books are so much better that I guess it doesn't really matter).

Carrie Clay said...

Justine, I know exactly what you're talking about! I have to go back and reread some of my favorite parts of the books every few weeks, otherwise I go into serious withdrawal. I can't even begin to tell you how much I'm looking forward to TKM. I know that the release date (probably) got moved back. But wouldn't it be cool if it was released on January 3rd? I only say that because TRK ends on New Years day with Neil saying that it would be two days until Andrew comes home, and logically that would be where TKM would pick up. But enough of my theories and wishful thinking.

Carrie Clay said...

*Sorry, my post was too long*

I hope everything is going well. You haven't blogged in a while. Drop all of your adoring fans an update soon please :)