Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I'll wrap my hands around your neck so tight with love, love

+ What's on: Up in the Air, 30 Seconds to Mars

If this is not the most perfect song for the series' relationship I don't know what is. Seriously.

But hey! Today is Foxhole Court's six-month birthday. I don't know what's more amazing: that it's already been six months, or that it's been six months since I let go of it and I have no drive to rewrite it. Those I know from LJ understand, I think, what a milestone that is. Editing Foxes has been an obsessive need for me for so long. I'm starting to wonder what it'll be like when King's Men is out. (All the King's Men? The King's Men? It's listed a different way in Foxhole than it is in Raven; ATKM is the original title but TKM sounds better.) Will I finally finish my other projects?! The possibilities are endless. I can't wait. Oh my god.


Foxhole is six months old, and Raven King is off into the wilderness. I'll be honest: King's Men is currently a disaster. But I'm trying, I promise. Whereas Raven got stuck on a major arc (3 guesses as to which set of chapters were the hardest to write?), King hinges on a decision that I have to make in chapter one. I can't skip that part and come back later when I'm inspired; the story literally cannot proceed until this is set in stone. My goal for the week is to finally figure out which way I'm jumping.

Speaking of goals, here's a couple more for you:

I want King's Men out in 2013. I know that's not offering much as an ETA, but it took six months for Raven, so this would be a slightly shorter five-month turnaround for King. In a perfect world it'll be good to go mid-December (around my birthday, during that lull between Thanksgiving and Christmas). However, this means the book would have to be done by October at the latest. Seeing how long it's taking me to get past chapter 1... Yeah.

Between now and then I've got at least 7 side/back-stories I want to post. Only a couple add any sort of meaning/insight to the storyline. Most of them are just a look at the relationships on the team (friendship and otherwise): Seth & Allison, Dan & Matt, Wymack and the cousins, etc. But hey, it's something for me to do, and maybe something for you to read when you're bored?

On July 31st I'm going to try and figure out how to get Foxhole & Raven on Amazon's Kindle store. Took the day off from work so I can spend all day messing with it. Should be a minor disaster, but could be fun.

I had more, but I can't find the list of things I was going to talk about. Lucky you! Next time I'll think of something more interesting to say.


lime-yay said...

Yay!! You spoil us waay too much. Like someone mentioned in their comment on the last post, you could seriously write a book about any of the characters in AftG, and I would DEVOUR it. I'm glad you mentioned Seth and Allison, too, because I know I'm a weirdo, but I liked Seth (and Allison, and Everyone Else). He's such a troll, but he made me laugh when he accused Neil of having an attitude problem despite being the portrait of "attitude problem" himself. I knew a turbulent on-again-off-again couple on my sports team, so that probably influences my fondness as well.

All the King's Men, definitely has that rhythm and familiarity from Humpty Dumpty, so maybe I'm biased, but I also like the idea of like the final installment being slightly different in title to give it weight. The Foxhole Court, The Raven King, All the King's Men, sounds better to me than the other way. But I also googled AtKM, and some guy has a novel named the same thing, so that might not be as ideal.

Also, yay for Amazon! Definitely let us know how that goes so we can put in a good review ;)

ginia said...

Hi. I just want to ask. Ravens release will be on July 31st on Amazon kindle? Do we purchased the book there? And how much will it cost? Can we read the kindle book on a windows? Im sorry i dont know how to use kindle and such lol.

Anyway, i hope the 31st will come soon. ;-)

marynoel said...

lime-yay : Seth is definitely a troll! D: And there's a book or two out there called The Raven King, too, so either way we're going to have multiples. Oh well :D ♥

ginia : Raven King is technically out in every(?) ebook format already on Smashwords. I'm just trying to get a bigger outreach for it by sharing it via Amazon. If you're not familiar with Kindle and want to try a pdf or whatnot version of it, you can find it here. I think there's a Kindle program for Windows that you can download from Amazon; to be honest I'm not 100% sure though. It's priced at 99c. ♥

raiya4 said...

So, I have read your two books (Foxhole Court & Raven King) and I cannot wait for your third book! I'm at the point that I want to ask you if I could pay you the price for the third book ahead of time so I can read as you write the chapters.

That being said, I'm all for saving you time so you can brainstorm/ write on the 31st instead of spending time figuring out amazon ^-^ here's a link for self publishing on amazon:


The link will take you to amazon and it gives you three options for self-publishing: kindle, print, and audio. The first is what you're looking for I believe.

(Possible spoilers for random people reading who haven't caught up with the series)I keep trying to play through what's going to happen next, but it's so hard because I don't know how Andrew will be when he comes back. Will he be sane (well as sane as he can be), the reincarnation of rage, soulless, etc...? Makes it hard figure out what will happen afterwards because Andrew is such a key role and it will determine his reaction to the situation and thus what happens throughout the book. Anyways I should end this now before I say too much (likely already said too much). I'm looking forward to the side stories as well! But um, where will they be posted? Thanks for the awesome writing and stories!!


PS: You have any other stories besides this trilogy posted somewhere I can dig into them?

ginia said...

Hi! Thank you!!! Finally i can read the ravens!! You dont even know how many months ive waited for this. Thank you again for persevering, despite the many setbacks you've had in your work. ^_^

I was able to pay/download it in smashword. Ahaha, sorry for the mixed up earlier, i thought youll only sell it in amazon.

Anyway, I''m going now to read your work. Thanks again for updating!! ;-)

marynoel said...

raiya4 : Thanks for reading Foxhole & Raven! I'll do my best to get King's Men done as fast as possible. Thank you for the Amazon link! Hopefully all the Smashwords formatting I did will make it an easy process. The side stories will be posted here on the blog, I think; I don't have anywhere else to put them just yet. And no, I don't have stories up elsewhere anymore-- a lot of projects trailed off within a couple chapters because I kept coming back to the Foxes and the series that was closest to being finished is being completely rewritten.

ginia : Sorry about the confusion. :)

gin said...

Hi. Can you also do a sidestory for Andrew and Nei while we wait for October/December to come? Ahahaha.

I really love every character in your stories but they're the one's im really invested in the most.

And oh, it would be fun if Kevin gets mixed up in their seemingly confusing limbo of attraction/attachment/suspicious camaradie/guarded relationship. Ahahaha.

marynoel said...

gin : Unfortunately I have to write Andrew & Neil's scenes in order. If I could, I would, I promise. ;D The closest we'll probably get is a short scene of Wymack & Andrew arguing about Neil that takes place during the events of book 1.