Wednesday, July 31, 2013

but I changed my mind and I want to live

+ What's on: The Kids Don't Stand a Chance (Fanmix by Syncytio [aka Z])

Work continues to be work, but there've been a couple awesome things to offset that mess.

First off! Z, who've I've harassed known online for several years and who is one of the Foxhole betas, wrote an amazing, amazing story about some National Exy League ladies. Everything about it makes me so happy. Like seriously. It's called Don't Speak Against the Sun and you can find it here. Please check it out. ♥ She also put together a fanmix for the Foxes that is just all kinds of awesome. I love finding new music, especially when the songs are so perfect for the characters.

Equally exciting: you. All of you. Everyone who's read the Foxes' stories so far, everyone who's left comments here, everyone. You are all such wonderful people I don't even know what to do with you except love you half to death. ♥

Spent part of this morning fighting with the Kindle store. I uploaded The Foxhole Court, but haven't done Raven King yet. I want to make sure TFC goes through without a problem first. I got so distracted trying to get everything right I accidentally put a price on Foxhole. I can't adjust it while it's still in the "review" stage, but when it goes live I'll change that. Supposedly it'll take about 12 hours. We'll see.

I finally--finally--figured out how to change that plot point for King's Men. Means trashing part of the first chapter yet again, but then I'll be able to proceed with edits. Maybe I can finally leave the "tear hair out and smash head on desk" stage and get excited about edits again. Ha.

Uh, there was more, but I got distracted messing with a side story and completely lost my train of thought. There are two in-prog right now but not sure which one I'll finish first. I guess the order the side stories go up doesn't particularly matter, since they don't influence each other. I'd try to post them in quasi-chronological order but the two pieces I've already posted kind of hosed that up. Oops. Oh well. I'll track 'em with the fox story label.

Guess that's all for now. I'll come back if I remember what I forgot.

update Uh, so the upload worked, but when I went back to change the price to 0 it says price must be between 99c and $200. Need to figure this out. More later.

update #2 Hours later, I still haven't figured out the trick. Found articles & youtube videos about the pricing matter, but it requires the book to be Kindle Select (I'd have to withdraw the book from every ebook market save the Kindle store) and would only work as a promotional trick. Someone smarter than me have any ideas? I don't like uneven pricing; I can't have it cost on Amazon when it's free everywhere else. D:


lime-yay said...

Hi, so I don't know anything about pricing, but the links on amazon didn't really work for The Foxhole Court for me. It only seems to exist on the "explore similar items" page... it doesn't have it's own page? Or if it does, I could only find this: and then none of the links to get to the book page worked (at least for me)

marynoel said...

lime-yay : When KDP alerted me that the book was "live" I did a search by title and found it on its own page with a gloriously long url o_O

Goddess Athena said...

Pricing, leave it alone it's just 99 cents who cares if it's free somewhere else. If someone finds it free cool if not the price is more than reasonable. Just got done reading the second one and I am feeling pissed because I want to read the last one ASAP . Please tell me it's not going to take as long to be released like the second one was. I really need to know the conclusion and I am hoping there will be some hot and sexy scenes between Neil and Andrew. Please let them fall for each other cause they both deserves to be happy and would make the best couple ever.

marynoel said...

Goddess Athena : Thanks for reading Raven King! The tentative goal for King's Men is December. It'd take a miracle to get it rewritten and beta'd before then. I definitely agree that they're overdue for some happiness, poor boys.

Lea said...

Hey, just leaving a note about the fanmix--thanks for letting us know! It's awesome and I downloaded it from Z's lj <3 Hope you can get the Kindle problem sorted...maybe they'll help you if you email?? My grandpa always emails them about stuff and they answer...>.<

marynoel said...

Lea : I think someone else reported the pricing imbalance, because a couple days after Foxhole was on Kindle Amazon discounted it down to zero. Yay! Thanks for the tip, though! Next time I have a problem with it, that'd probably be the easier way to solve it.

I love everything about that fanmix. ♥