Wednesday, June 26, 2013

07 10 2013

Just a quick note on my way out the door for work: looks like I'll have Raven King all together and ready to go on Wednesday, July 10. Still got some last-minute things to do with it but almost everything else is in place. I requested that day off from work, too, so I can deal with formatting and last-minute issues as they arise. Man, I hope you guys like it. It's definitely.. busier? than Foxhole was, I think.


Anonymous said...

THIS IS PERFECT! AHHHH! I'm too excited, but I'll switch off the capslock for the sake of your eyes. I MAY be on the road at that time, but depending when it goes up, maybe I'll catch a waft of free internet somewhere and get it on my kindle. I started re-reading The Foxhole Court yesterday, and I can't stop. That's literally the worst part about your writing. I thought starting right now I could pace myself for July, but I'll probably be done by tonight and so I'll probably get crazy excited right before July 10 and reread again.

I know I sound like a fanatic, but since this caught me mid-foxhole court, I'm like at peak Fox love right now; it's intense. Anyway, I love you, I adore the series, and I can't wait for the Raven King? Can you give us just like like a teeny teaser or something to build the hype? I have way too much hype already, I know, haha.

Anonymous said...

Awesome =D

Evalangui said...


Also, totally second the request for a snippet... maybe one of the lost/cut fragments? :)

marynoel said...


lime-yay : I wanted to do something ahead of the "release", but haven't yet figured out what yet. Maybe another side-story/back-story, maybe something about the Foxes, maybe... don't know. Closer to time I'll post the summary-thing.

878MG : Now I'm starting to get nervous, though!

Evalangui : I'll figure out something to post, promise! :D Most of the cut scenes from bk2 were cut scenes of the couple I axed, though, since book 2 was originally about how those two got together. Oops.