Sunday, February 17, 2013

talk to me I'm throwing myself in front of you

+ What's on: Another Heart Calls, by All-American Rejects

Valentine's Day was my last day at Applebee's. I finally have weekends and evenings all to myself for my writing (and my workouts, but those are infinitely less exciting to talk about). Spent most of this afternoon nitpicking that one aggravating chapter. What happens and how it happens needs to stay the same, but the dialogue still needs some serious work.

Dialogue is my favorite part of writing; I build a lot of my scenes around a couple spoken lines. Anytime I have to go in and rip conversations out, especially those critical ones the original scenes were grounded in, I go into it kicking and screaming. One would think I'd have matured past this stage by now, but hey. At least I'm smart enough to go through with it no matter how sullenly. I tell you, rewriting is frustrating business. If I can finish this chapter, though, I'll only have five left to go. Then I can line edit and re-read it to death before foisting it off on unsuspecting betas.

Also, yesterday I was looking for something in Foxhole Court (which I try to avoid doing; I haven't looked at the entire thing since I uploaded it) and I realized I left Abby Winfield out of the team line-up at the end of the book. Once upon a time she was the mother figure to the team and had a central role; over time her importance lessened and I lost interest in her. I didn't realize how far she'd fallen until I saw her name missing from that list. Oops. That oversight is entirely mine, since the line-up was the last thing I added to the book before uploading it. Sorry, Abigail Marie Winfield. Trying to upload a revised version of the file to Smashwords that includes her, but I'm a little scared that something will happen to the formatting in the process. Best keep an eye on it.

I was pulling up past versions of this chapter last night and stumbled into the folder where I keep all the old Fox sketches. Confession: I don't really think about what most of the Foxes look like, anymore. If I try to visualize them I always end up seeing their old comic-book versions. The first couple drafts of Foxes tried to keep those descriptions, but I let them slide over time. I've tried updating their looks in pictures throughout the past couple years but I never get far. Doesn't help that I only ever draw two of the characters anymore. Eh.

But here, just for fun, have a glimpse at the 2006 Kevin and Andrew.

That little poofball ponytail survived three or four drafts before I finally talked myself into cutting it out. I think Kevin kept his long hair until 2010. (And yeah, this is why I leave the art to my sisters. Never been very good at it, but no regrets there. Would rather focus on my writing.)

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