Sunday, February 10, 2013

cause it's the end and I'm not afraid to die

+ What's on: In The End, by Black Veil Brides

A list of things I am doing instead of writing*:

1. Making homemade Baileys.
I found the recipe here. I don't know if I've mentioned it here, but I love baking--especially cupcakes. One of my favorite recipes is whiskey and beer cupcakes (used to be called Irish car bomb cupcakes, after the drink by the same name, but she changed the name after some people took offense). On the upside: very tasty alcoholic cupcakes. On the downside: very expensive, even if you already own all the alcohol. In this case I didn't have any of it, and the alcohol in NC is very expensive. Making my own Baileys saved me at least $20.

The recipe was super potent, though. It tasted like thick whiskey. Maybe the Bushmills was just too strong? Diluted it today with another 2/3c of heavy cream and some more vanilla, and it's much better. Soon as my cupcake pan shows up I'm going to make these suckers.

2. Playing Mass Effect again.
I've got 4 Shepards in progress right now. One is halfway or more through ME3, one is waiting to start ME3, one just started ME2, and my only male!Shep is being a douchebag to everyone he meets in ME1. I need to hurry up and finish the trilogy, but I wanted 3 Shepards to reach the end at the same time. I wanted to see all three endings back to back.

Anyone else out there an ME fan? Also, I need to figure out what to play next. My sister is big into Fallout, Dragon Age, and SWTOR. I might try those just because she already has them. I want to get my hands on Aliens: Colonial Marines, though. ALIENS is our family movie of choice. I've seen it so many times I can probably quote the script to you. I feel like we've had this conversation before, but I'll have to check. The only reason it's relevant is because Aliens ties into another really old project of mine. (I think almost all of my stories are old--most of them have been stalled out or in revisions for years)

3. Downloading more music and Kindle samples than I know what to do with
Speaking of which Jeff Somers has a new book coming out soon. You guys might not know this yet but "The Electric Church" is one of my favorite books. I made at least half of my baristas read it when I worked at Sbux. I think "Shades of Earth" is out, too? (by Beth Revis) but I still haven't read "A Million Suns" so I can't read it yet. I know Jodi Meadows' "Asunder" is out. I ordered it but haven't sat down to read it. Every time I start reading I think about all the edits I need to do. Same goes for the "The Crown of Embers" which I am so excited to read. Oh my god, you guys, I need to finish editing so I can read again. Or I need better time management skills.

* I'm writing, too, but by "I'm writing" I mean I'm doing the usual thing I do with the Foxes' story: writing and rewriting the same chapter over and over again. This is one of the most important parts in the entire book and I want it to be perfect. It's frustrating.

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