Tuesday, January 22, 2013

you'll never know just what you're worth

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It's been a week since I put The Foxhole Court on Smashwords, and I honestly have no idea how to react to its progress. You guys, Foxes has a 3-digit download. I was positive it couldn't break 40. I mean, let's be serious: it's a trilogy about college students playing a fictional co-ed sport with a couple serial killers thrown in. If someone else tried explaining the concept to me I'd probably quietly end the conversation. It's not exactly a sensible idea. That's why I chose to make the first book free: I wanted to stack the odds in my favor any way I could. But I still can't explain this.

Except I can. This is because of you. It's because of the people who've texted me or emailed me and said they've talked to their friends about it. It's the people who've read the summary, probably muttered a quiet "What the hell?" to themselves, and then downloaded the story anyway. Thank you; a hundred thank yous. The Foxes are so important to me--thinking that other people are reading Neil's story makes me almost sick with glee. I hope you like it. If you don't, thank you for giving it a chance at least. Thank you for holding it in your hands for even a couple paragraphs.

I mentioned fleetingly that The Foxhole Court is part of a trilogy. It will be followed by The Raven King and All the King's Men. The Raven King is about 60% of the way through edits. I have more work to do on it on my end before I can even think of giving it to my betas, so at this time I don't have a definitive answer as to when it will be ready. I'll have more time for rewrites and revisions after I've quit my second job (which should be early-mid February).

I apologize in advance for the useless things I'll be posting here. I've had too many years to think about this story. I've filled entire folders with sketches, trivia, and side stories. I've wanted for a while to build a simple site where I can store that stuff - mostly for my sake, because it is an absolute disorganized mess on my hard drive - but in the meantime this blog is the best thing I've got. Streamlining helps me get in the right head-space for edits, so I'll probably posts bits and pieces while I'm working on Raven King.


rubberducky672 said...

This is so exciting!!

I am a huge fan of your Weiss Kreuz stories, and after I had finished them, I went on a hunt and found this site. I saw "AftG" mentioned in a few of the comments here but no amount of googling could help me figure the mystery out. All I knew was that it was an original work, I knew a few of the characters names and that there was a psychotic goalie. It caught my interest but without much to go on, I couldn't really do much (except maybe ask you or something... but I didn't want to seem nosy... :/ hehe)

Anyway, two days after my birthday I see you have released the first book!!! So many questions answered in one post ~~~ best. birthday.present.EVER!

I read The Foxhole Court too quickly. I wanted to savor it but in just over a day it was gone and now I am left waiting on the edge of my seat for the other two books. The news that you have folders and side stories and trivia on this story makes me want to squeal! I’m sure most of my questions will probably be answered in the coming novels but there are still other things I would love to know. Like what the original Japanese names were (sorry to bring that one up if it still hurts..) or what caused Kevin to be cut from the threesome ( I don’t actually know who the other two are yet, although I think I have an idea!!).

I would also really enjoy hearing how the story has changed over the years, especially how much it changed during the editing period to make it more marketable.

It’s kinda ironic that I have been obsessed with your WK stories for over 3 years but this is the first time I am actually commenting… awkward lurker is awkward haha

Ahh I feel a little bit exhausted just reading this comment so I might just wrap it up now… sqeeeeeeeee~~~~

marynoel said...

rubberducky672 : Hello!! Thank you so much for reading The Foxhole Court! (and the WK fics <3 ) I'm grateful you took a chance on it, and I'm excited that you liked it. :D

A couple answers off the bat:
1. I'm looking around to see if I can find the names for the original line-up. Back when the Foxes were first created, there were only 6 people on the team (They had no subs). Dan and Neil have always been Dan and Neil - Dan and Neil were both transfer students who faced some friction and tension for being outsiders. Andrew and Aaron were Makimoto Tsuki & Makimoto Nari, respectively (I didn't realize back then that those weren't legitimate Japanese names.)

Seth (who was "Sean" for the longest time) was on the team up until the first game. He showed up high, didn't have proper reflexes, and shattered his wrist. Unfortunately I can't remember Matt, Kevin, or Seth's original names. Someone's family name was Tsuchiya; I think it was Kevin's. Nicky wasn't on the team but he was pretty much the only friend the Foxes had. His name was Miho and he had a mad crush on Neil.

2. Cutting Kevin from the threesome was one of the biggest changes to happen to the story. Heck, Kevin and Neil were the original reason I started the comic way back then - to explore their obsessive relationship. But over time it grew too uneven and Kevin was the weakest link. The obsession is still there in some ways, but it's not enough. They're obsessed with each other's talents and potential, and Neil at least deserves more than that. I thought about it from time to time but the final decision came when an agent asked for a partial. I thought about what I could do to up my chances of the story being marketable/acceptable. Cutting Kevin at that point seemed the best choice. Nothing came of the submission, but I have no regrets for tossing him. I think it's stronger this way.

Sorry, this got a little long! It's dangerous to get me started on the Foxes. I could ramble for hours about absolutely nothing at all.

rubberducky672 said...

Yaayy a reply~~! I feel a bit greedy about how much I love this story and want to know more about it. Anything you want to tell, I would love to read :D even hours and hours of rambling! I just can’t get enough - I have started re-reading the story, more slowly this time.

I wish I had something of my own that I felt as strongly about as you do with this. I don’t have the perseverance to work on a project for that long so it makes this story even more admirable!

Side note: I actually really liked Nicky, which almost surprised me because he isn’t like the characters I usually go for. At first I thought he might have a darker secret, especially after the night in Columbia, but then he starting feeling guilty and he was such a sweetheart (although he’s probably a bit of a push over) but I still find him really fascinating - Perhaps it’s just his sassy charms :3

Although, of course Andrew is the most fascinating character so far. I can’t wait to read more about his character as the rest of the story unfolds! Also, I looked up Tsuki in English and it apparently means “to stab” or “to punch” (although it can also mean moon, I think). Not sure if that was deliberate but seriously suits Andrew so much! (If that information isn’t true, blame google. I speak zero Japanese :P)

ginia said...

@ rubberducky672,

i agree with you too, aside from Neil himself, I think Andrew was the most interesting, you-cannot-define in-a-single-sentence-character in Foxhole. Im always excited whenvr he enters a scene. And he and Neil just, sizzles. ^_^

@ marynoel,
base from your words you really made a lot of changes from the orignal draft. Its my opinion that Kevin was overshadowed by Neil's plight and Andrew's screwed up personality.

And i wouldnt have it any other way. Maybe that's why you got such a huge following. Not only here in your blog, a lot of people actually talks about your story in LJ and private blogger accounts. ^_^

marynoel said...

rubberducky672 : I thought I responded to this--I remember laughing at your "sassy charms" remark--but apparently I was hallucinating. Sorry!!

Nicky is definitely a bit of a pushover. I couldn't be friends with him; he'd be amusing, but it'd be too easy to give him grief. He means well, but he kind of got the short end of the stick as far as family goes.

ginia : Yeah, Kevin eventually got overshadowed by the complexity of Neil & Andrew's issues. Because he was easy, he didn't need as much screen time to sort out, so the others evolved without him.

a lot of people actually talks about your story in LJ and private blogger accounts

Er, what? o_o;;

ginia said...

Yeah, people mentioned your work online! Hehehe.

I didnt accidentally stumble upon foxhole, in a sense i was led to it. I became aware of foxhole because of an LJ account.

The owner spazz for days about your book that's why i tried to find it. I discovered smashword the same day and downloaded your story there. ;-)

marynoel said...

ginia : Oh, that's.. unexpected. Flattering or frightening, not sure which, ahaha... 'scuse me while I retreat for a while.