Wednesday, January 9, 2013

close your eyes and count to four

+ What's On: Don't Stop (Color on the Walls), by Foster the People

A series of quick and meaningless updates:
--I am still in the queue for that job I originally wanted. I'm fine for now; I'm allowed to sit in the ready pool for this position for six months before my file is automatically rejected. I've got two months left.
----In the meantime I'm working two jobs seven days a week: as a hostess at Applebee's and as a provider services rep (that's fancy talk for a call center rep who talks to healthcare providers about claims and patient benefits/eligibility). It's a little exhausting working like this, but I've only got to hold out a few more weeks. I'll probably leave the hostess position in a couple weeks--after I've made sure my boss has hired and trained someone to replace me.

--I don't have a whole lot of free time, but what bit I do have I'm trying to spend on my edits. (I say "trying" because sometimes all I want to do is zone out and play the Mass Effect trilogy. My bad.) My focus lately has been on tidying up a project for self-publication. I've tried this story the traditional way - edits, rewrites, submissions, resubmissions, contests, etc - but finally accepted this story will never make it that way. I considered trunking it altogether, but I loved the story too much. Now it's gone through one last round of edits with some wonderful (and wonderfully patient) people and is just about ready for Smashwords.

--Kanji practice is slow as usual. I started getting a good lead on it, but things started picking up at work. My original plan was to study kanji on my lunch breaks. Now we're so busy (in part thanks to the start of the year, in part thanks to all the new policies we just acquired) we've got mandatory OT through chunks of our lunches and shortened breaks. Oops.

--I can't wait until life calms down at least enough for me to start reading again. Too stressed to enjoy books right now.

Anything notable and new out there?

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