Thursday, September 6, 2012

i'll be damned if I quit now and that's for sure

+ What's On: Come What May, by The Scene Aesthetic

Been a while, right? I have a tendency to wander off. I used to be better about keeping journals, but that was before Twitter came around. I like Twitter--it's quick, it's mindless, and it's generally easy to tweak and edit 140 characters. Blog posts actually take thought. (the horror!) I figured I should blow a little of the dust off this if only for a couple quasi-significant updates.

The biggest change is I've left San Francisco. I lived there for four years, which was really two years too many. Don't get me wrong; most of San Francisco is nice and, while expensive, it's a good place to live. It's relatively easy to meet people and I had a decent group of people to hang out with. If I'd changed careers or at least tried to move up further at Starbucks to something more financially reliable, I could have settled there. Therein lies the problem: I don't want to settle anywhere yet. If I stayed in San Francisco another year I would never leave, so I worked two jobs and saved up money to move.

I'm in North Carolina now, but I haven't done a lot of socializing or poking around yet. Hard to meet people and go out to do things whilst one is still looking for a job. My sister and I basically picked a city off the map, hoped for the best, and moved. Initial reactions are mixed. For one, the drivers around here are insane and aggressively unsafe. For another, alcohol is expensive! Seriously. How is it cheaper to buy alcohol in California than it is in North Carolina? Ponder that one, people.

There's a job I really want, but it has a pretty extensive application process. I'm almost three months in right now, and there could be at least a month left to go. I'll be less vague if I actually get the job, but for now I avoid thinking about it. In the meantime I'm looking for other work. Wish me luck.

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