Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Waiting for our ship to come but our ship's not coming back

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A while back I started rewrites on the Stones trilogy. I'd written the rough drafts of the first two and a half books some three or four years ago, then set them aside to focus on a couple other projects. The third book never got finished because I realized I wrote myself into a major corner. Consequence of writing by the seat of my pants, I guess. The only way I was going to finish that third book was if I changed a couple major things in books one and two.

So in January I finally had the time to start over. Got as far as chapter three and completely stalled out. Again. Frustrated, I kicked it aside and focused on getting a stand-alone urban fantasy ready for submission. Now that that one's out of my hands and off into the wonderful world of PLEASE PICK ME, I have no excuses to not work on Stones.

Problem? I have to start over, again.

I stared at it for weeks, wondering what the eff could be stalling out my story in the first eight thousand words. Finally I pinpointed the loose screw that was taking my entire story apart. I hit a WHY I couldn't answer, because the answer didn't make sense. "Why can ABC do THIS but not THIS?". ABC created a plot hole, so ABC had to go.

Now chapter one's edited and set aside, and I'm ready to take on chapter two. Hopefully it'll go better this time.

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