Sunday, June 6, 2010

She made up someone to be / She made up somewhere to be from

+ What's on: Dead and Lovely, Tom Waits

Hello, and welcome to my spot of the woods—take two.

A couple things about me, and maybe you'll tell me a couple things about you.

The facts:

I'm an International Business major with a focus on Japanese studies. Japan will actually get a whole 'nother post of its own, else it'd completely dominate this one. You'll see why when the time comes.

I'm an Army brat, and therefore have an Army brat's restless feet. At 25, I've lived in four countries and a dozen-odd cities. I currently call San Francisco home, but I have a list of places I want to go next. I was technically supposed to move this fall, but finances and a 1% shot at a dream kind of changed things on me. I live with a fellow writer, K.M. Ruiz, and our two ridiculous cats, Firefly and Bones.

I've been a food service worker, a call center employee, an English teacher, and a barista. With my degree, you'd think I'd push for a more stable career, but it's hard to think career when all you want to do is move..! Besides, my coffee shop job has a fantastic schedule for having a life and writing – I open, so I'm up at 3 am and at work by 4:30, and I'm off at 1:30pm unless something goes wrong. If I can stay awake, I have the whole afternoon to do things.

I read, but not often. I'm an extremely picky reader, frequently disappointed in or bored by the books I pick up from the library. I'll probably update a reading list on this blog from time to time. In the meantime, if you have a favorite book you think I will definitely enjoy, please tell me! It's frustrating checking out 10 books from the library at a time and finishing exactly 0.

I write—and that's primarily what this blog will be about. I'm unpublished, but like every other writer am hoping to change that. I write novels in a couple different genres, primarily urban fantasy and soft sci-fi. That's all I'll say for now, since you'll have to hear about my projects over and over again in the future, anyway…

That's me. If anyone's out there, it's your turn now!

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